Sample Barcode Images


Information that we require for customising Images

We are happy to customize images by changing the barcode size and putting up to 2 lines of text above and below the barcode.
To do this, we need all of the information up-front, preferably in a spreadsheet with fields for ‘Top line’, ‘Bottom line’ etc.
Also, advise if the font should be changed or sizing should be different.
If something is unspecified, we will create the barcode for the best possible printing and scanning at the required size.
We may need to charge if extra revisions are required later.

High resolution (600dpi) sample barcode images

We will send your barcode images to you by email in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, SVG & pdf) – you can choose which format you want to use and insert the barcode image into the design for your label or packaging.

Below are some sample images – you can download them & see which format works best for you (when possible, we recommend that you use the SVG format as it is the most accurate. However, all 4 formats are perfectly fine to use). You can resize your barcode images if necessary (the smallest recommended barcode size is about 30mm wide x 20mm high; however, in practice, it is okay to reduce the height a bit more than this – e.g. down to about 15mm).

If your order is automated, you will get sent the images in a zip folder together with the guarantee certificate. A sample zip folder containing our barcodes can be seen and downloaded below. If you have difficulties using these, please email us, and we can arrange other images to be emailed to you.

EAN-13 Barcode:

EAN 13

EAN-13 barcodes are the most common type of barcode used for retail products in NZ and worldwide. They are the “European Standard” for barcodes. If you buy a barcode from us, we will send you an EAN-13 format barcode (unless you request a UPC-A – American Standard – barcode instead!)


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ISBN Barcode for a Book:

ISBN barcode

The above barcode is an EAN-13 format barcode based on the ISBN for a book. If you need a barcode for your book, we recommend that you get an ISBN first & then come back to us to get your ISBN turned into a barcode for your book.


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ISBN Barcode with Price Code:

ISBN with Price Code

Sometimes ISBN barcodes have a 5-digit price code added to their end (like in the example above). If you want your barcode to look like this, please let us know when making your order.

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ISSN Barcode for a Magazine

ISSN barcode example

Above is an example of an EAN-13 format barcode based on the ISSN number for a magazine. If you have a magazine (or other periodical publication, e.g. newspaper) that needs a barcode, we recommend that you first get an ISSN number. When you have your ISSN number, you can come back to us to get your number turned into a barcode.


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Barcode for Magazine (with 2-digit supplement):


Some magazine barcodes have a two-digit (or five-digit) supplement number on the end of them, like in the example above, to indicate the different issue numbers of the magazine. If you want a barcode like this, please let us know when making your order.


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Carton Code (TUN/ITF-14/GTIN):


ITF 14

ITF-14 Carton Codes (also known as GTINs or TUNs) go on the delivery container for retail products. They are 14-digits long and are based on the product EAN-13 barcode number. To turn a 13-digit EAN-13 barcode number into a 14-digit ITF number, a digit (usually a “1”) is added to the front of the EAN-13 number, and the last digit (the checksum) is recalculated.


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QR Code (2D Matrix Barcode):

QR Code

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