EAN-13 Specifications

EAN-13 Barcode Image

The following provides a guideline for the size you should print the barcode on your product. This is very important if you require barcode verification. It is also a good guide for ensuring that your barcode scans correctly. If at all possible you should keep your barcode size within these standards. If you go outside these standards, you barcodes might be accepted by some retailers and rejected by others.

EAN-13 Dimensions with 100% Magnification:

Barcode width = 31.35mm

Left quiet zone (left blank margin) = 3.63mm

Right quiet zone (right blank margin) = 2.31mm

Total barcode width (including quiet zones) = 37.29mm

Barcode height (excluding the number) = 22.85mm

Barcode height (including the number) = 25.93mm


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